Tranquil Transformations
Connie Townsend, LMT

Massage is the ultimate in self care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Massage has many benefits such as to relieve stress and tension, control pain, and promote a sense of well being. In the world today, we as a society are under a great deal of stress to meet deadlines, work long hours and meet physical demands of every day. Massage helps release the tension from those knotted up tight muscles by physically loosening and warming the muscles up and stretching them out. Headaches and muscle spasms are frequent problems creating pain in our bodies. By keeping the muscles loose, the pain is prevented. Because we are so busy, we rarely take time out for ourselves. Taking an hour out of your schedule just once a month to pamper your self and take care of your body helps you promote a sense of well being because you are doing something healthy to take care of yourself.

Welcome to the World of Massage

Benefits of Massage

  1. -Stress Relief

  2. -Pain Control

  3. -Sense of Well Being

  4. -Calms Anxiety

  5. -Relives Depression

  6. -Lowers Blood Pressure

  7. -Increases Circulation

  8. -Increases Immunity

  9. -Prevent Injuries


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